About Us

“A comprehensive directory of Africa’s most worthy grassroots projects will enable the safari industry to support those small, independent initiatives that don’t have the exposure or influence of bigger charities.” Anita Powell, Vice Chair, ATTA (African Travel & Tourism Association).

We are here to try and add to the current momentum to save Africa’s wildlife, defend it and help those protecting it. There are many areas of Africa where rhino have been wiped out, and elephant are no longer found and are being poached to extinction. All over Africa the lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah population is decreasing at a rapid rate. Even the beloved giraffe is in trouble, not to mention gorillas and other smaller species of wildlife, which are on the brink of disappearing.

Whether Africa has cast its spell on you or not we are all moved by the fact that we might be the generation that lets the last great wilderness of the world disappear – this is why your donation, no matter how small or large, is necessary and instrumental in the future of protecting endangered species, areas and communities.

Donate To Wildlife & Community Conservation has been born to work alongside the larger charities that do invaluable work with anti poaching, research and community and wildlife conservation. We want to highlight the best smaller African wildlife conservation projects to donate to, the projects which see your money go directly into the honest and generous hands of those devoted and dedicated individuals working in the field every day to save Africa’s wildlife and help communities live harmoniously alongside the wildlife. These projects struggle for publicity but often do the most gruelling, challenging and back breaking work seven days a week, 365 days a year.

This award winning short film was made by Kire Godal, and is incredibly moving.

Every wildlife conservation and community project on here has been selected by a group of experienced African conservationists and experts to try and make sure that every penny you donate, no matter how small, will go directly into the bush – directly to the hands of the reputable people who are working tirelessly and often thanklessly against the decline of Africa’s wildlife and the hardships faced by Africa’s communities. Even amounts considered small to us can change the projects capacity to change lives and areas completely.

This site is sponsored entirely by anonymous safari experts and conservationists and you will be able to donate directly to the conservation organisation through the link on their page on this site. On Our Partners page you will be able to see safari companies, guides, camps and lodges who have helped bring this site (and so these small worthy projects) into the public eye.

Although we have picked our charities as carefully as possible and keep a close eye on their progress, we then leave it up to you to decide who to help and can take no responsibility for the actions of that organisation or the relationship you form with that charity or project. This is a not for profit platform to try and get publicity for small charities across East and Southern Africa – we have no baring on the individual projects’ actions.