Zambia has so much game it's unreal, but still the poaching continues to seriously dent the elephant populations. There is nothing like watching elephants swim in the Zambezi, or walk across the dry Luangwa Riverbed. In each country we have selected a few small charities doing amazing work on the ground, if you feel we have left any out, or have reservations about any we have chosen please contact us.
elephant orphanage Zambia

Elephant Orphanage

The Lilayi Elephant Nursery and Kafue Release Facility go above and beyond to rescue and rehabilitate heart broken orphaned elephants across Zambia. A heart wrenching and totally worthy cause which needs help.


Conservation Lower Zambezi

The Lower Zambezi is one of the most magical safari destinations in Africa, it’s elephants are currently in trouble and to lose them from this magical place would be a travesty.