Save African Wildlife

14th August 2015

The importance of saving Africa’s wildlife – where do we even start. It is terrifying that we will be the generation who have to say to our grand-children (and at this rate possibly children) that elephants, rhino and lion were extinct on our watch. How do you think they’ll react to know that you can only see these amazing animals in the zoo. It’s a chilling thought. In fact this may not be the case but if small pockets of highly defended wildlife are the only things left by the time our grand-children are able to go on safari then we can also say for sure that these safaris will be so expensive that unless you’re a multi millionaire you won’t be able to afford it. To save African wildlife from crisis on our watch would be a miracle, but little by little if we work together we can do it.

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Madikwe in South Africa is probably the best fenced reserve in the world when it comes to anti-poaching, they have everything they need to save their rhinos, elephants, lion and wild dog from danger. Heavily armed guards, drones, sniffer dogs, helicopters, a well maintained impenetrable fence – they are used as an example to the rest of South Africa as to how to run a fenced reserve but is this the future of East Africa too, where the beauty of the experience comes from the feeling of true wilderness. This is why human wildlife conflict is high on our list of things to work on – if we can help those actually living with this wildlife in unfenced pristine areas of Africa then they will help us, and save the wildlife around them from poaching and harm, and that might just mean we don’t need a fence. Of course this still very much hangs in the balance and no one, including those working on the ground featured on this website can truly say which way the human / wildlife conflict will go. The next ten years are crucial.

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Save African wildlife is a phrase that has been seen a lot recently in local press, but has anyone actually done anything – there have certainly been some strong opinions on both facebook and twitter, and we are still seeing huge rants of no consequence on all social media and within the press – we now need you to act, we need you to get behind those working on the ground to save the wildlife and donate to them – no matter how small or large your money will hit the problem right at the heart, and this is our aim. There will always be areas which need more help than others and we want to highlight those that desperately need help, and areas where you can truly make a difference. Africa has to remain wild, if we don’t have the African wilderness what do we have, if we let that go what remains. There are many other parts of the world facing similar problems for their wild areas – but Africa is a land so magical that it’s hard to even imagine, and that is why we can’t let it disappear and need to act now.

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