Travel For Impact


WHO WE ARE: Travel for Impact (throughout Botswana)

WHY WE NEED YOU: Travel for Impact provides a sustainability avenue to civil society organisations on the ground. Not only do we provide financial support, but we also provide much needed organisational development support such as advice in strategic planning, highlighting impact and programme planning and development. Effective organisations do not only rely on finances but effective implementation as well.

HOW MANY PEOPLE WORK FOR OUR CHARITY: Travel for Impact has 1 employee and 2 volunteers.


  • $125 / £83 feeds 50 children a day.
  • $125 / £83 will educate 5 children a month.
  • $250 / £166 will give5 women the chance the turn their lives through counseling.
  • $250 / £166 a month will feed and clothe 5 elderly people a month
  • $250 / £166 will provide counseling for 5 children a month

Travel For Impact Website.

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This ground breaking initiative works in partnership with the travel industry to give directly back to civil society organisations.   Each of our travel partners donates USD1 for every bednight spent in Botswana.   This income means that we are able to support our community partners to operate as effectively as possible and to reach their goals. Travel for Impact raises the profiles of these organisations to ensure that as many people as possible know about the work that they are doing and in turn feel committed to investing in such initiatives. We have started with only 4 community partners, but intend to grow this number as funds become available.   We are appealing to the travel industry operating within Botswana to help us to grow this initiative to its full potential.   We are currently generating just short of USD80,000 per annum and due to the nature of Travel For Impact, this income is sustainable which is crucial to the long term sustainability and success of our community partners. In order to increase funds, we are appealing to all Tour operators, lodges, hotels and airlines who work within Botswana to partner with us in order to help raise funds. This initiative takes giving beyond just giving, it provides on hand support to organisations in areas of our specialisation such as strategic planning, organisational development, marketing and innovation! Travel for Impact is a win-win initiative for all involved.

donate to wildlife conservation