Conservation Lower Zambezi

WHO WE ARE: Conservation Lower Zambezi (Lower Zambezi, Zambia) is a non-profit organization based in the Chiawa GMA just outside the Lower Zambezi National Park. The organization relies completely on kind donors and memberships in order to carry out its mandate and projects.

The organization works to protect the wildlife and environment of the Lower Zambezi National Park and its surrounding areas. The main threat in this area is poaching and primarily elephant poaching for ivory. CLZ works to protect this area through the assistance and working closely with ZAWA. Our core work is our Wildlife Protection Operations, our Community Support Work/Projects, and our Environmental Education Program. In addition CLZ facilitates the Lower Zambezi Safari Guides training and exams every year, CLZ facilitates research and when need arises CLZ has been known to rescue and rehabilitate wild, often orphaned, animals. This is a small, dynamic and growing organization with real challenges to its work. With the continuous help of its members and donors it hopes to continue to grow and face these challenges with effective results and positive impacts.

WHY WE NEED YOU: Our organization entirely depends on funding by outside donors and kind individual support. Therefore, the more exposure and support we can raise, both locally and globally, is of great benefit to our organization and our projects.

HOW MANY PEOPLE WORK FOR OUR CHARITY: We employ 19 staff members at our Base Camp based just outside the Lower Zambezi National Park and we employ 17 village scouts.


  • $194 / £129 to send one child on an educational school visit at CLZ (this includes picking them up, dropping them off, feeding them).
  • $100 / £66 one scout to do a 10 day patrol (salary).
  • $175 / £116 buys a food ration pack for 5 men/scouts to do a 10 day patrol.
  • $10 / £7 buys rechargeable batteries for a scout patrol.
  • $90 / £60 sends a group of school children on two game drives into the Lower Zambezi National Park.
  • $120 / £80 buys the construction of an elephant safe granary store (felumbu) for a community farmer.

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Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is a Zambian non-governmental organisation, established in 1994, committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the wildlife and environment of the Lower Zambezi for the present and future generations of Zambia.

Due to a crippling lack of resources in the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), the threatened biodiversity of the Lower Zambezi is not being adequately protected. The region is home to at least four vulnerable species (African elephant, hippo, lion and African wild dog). Poaching and deforestation remain a constant threat in this area. Local residents rely upon these natural resources for their income as well as health and nutrition. In an area over 18,000 km2, including Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP) and three Game Management Areas (GMAs) ZAWA have only four vehicles and 90 Wildlife Police Officers (“WPO”s) to prevent illegal activity.

CLZ looks to conserve the wildlife and resources of the Lower Zambezi region through a number of ways:

Wildlife Protection Patrols – CLZ support the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) to carry out foot patrols in the Lower Zambezi National Park, supporting teams of officers carrying out difficult and often dangerous patrols to protect the wildlife and resources of the area. We support 18 wildlife protection patrols per month. We deploy and transport teams, provide them with rations and essential equipment to allow them to protect the area and detect signs of poaching. Our aerial patrols carry out wildlife monitoring and identify signs of illegal activity from the air. The aircraft is essential in both spotting and responding to suspect poaching incidents, and supporting teams on the ground.

Environmental Education – There are over ten thousand people living around the park and high poverty levels often lead to poaching in order to supplement income. CLZ works with over 50 schools surrounding the park to create awareness in local children and communities about the importance and value of the wildlife and natural environment of the Lower Zambezi. Conservation Lower Zambezi’s (CLZ) Environmental Education Programme (EEP) brings children and teachers from the areas surrounding the LZNP to CLZ Base Camp to learn about the geography, biology and ecology of their local environment and why it needs to be protected. The children live a stone’s throw from one of Africa’s last wildernesses. In their communities, poaching may be rife and family members may be engaged in this. The EEP looks to create a generation with more knowledge and awareness. It is hoped that this will impact beyond the pupils.

Community – Our community support programme works with people living on the boundary of the park facing the reality and challenges of living alongside wild animals. Our work helps communities avoid human-elephant conflict through chili-farming, the construction of elephant safe granaries and nocturnal anti-conflict patrols.

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) is committed to conserving the wildlife of the Lower Zambezi for the present and future generations of Zambia through assisting wildlife protection, environmental education and supporting local community development.

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